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         Customers will always pause to look at a Giant Blimpy or Blimpy Balloon.  For what seems to be no apparent reason, Blimps and Hot Air Balloons have always caught the hearts and imaginations of people everywhere.  Blimps are highly visible and can be seen for miles. Blimpys are constructed of the highest grade polyurethane material and all seams are heat sealed.  Each Blimpy comes complete with equilateral tether lines that are pre attached, plus 150 ft. of anchor rope.  Just take Blimpy out of the box, inflate with helium that is readily available at your local welding supply, and fly!  Blimpy is as easy as flying a kite.  You can use regular air for non flying purposes such as parked cars, parade vehicles, or hanging from a ceiling.
         Blimpy is a dynamic communicator.  Equipped with grommets built right into the side of our Blimps and Balloons - it is easy to attach our changeable banners or paint your slogan directly on with a flexible urethane paint.  In addition, our banners and Blimps are vinyl receptive for today's modern computer sign making equipment.
Why is Blimpy so Effective?rooftop Balloon  A recent Advertising Age survey shows that when more than 13,000 adults were asked to recall a single ad.  Of the people that could recall an ad, Coca Cola and Pepsi were the first to come to mind and that only represented 10% combined.  Compare that to a survey conducted with blimps show that nearly 75% remember the giant blimps and of those more than 60% can identify the company that used it!  Lets face it, publicizing your company name is everyone's number one job.  Blimpy is here to help you.  Blimpy may not be substitute for television or print advertising, but the impact will be present long after that days ad is forgotten.  Blimpy is just an inexpensive way to reinforce your advertising dollars.  Blimpy creates excitement & excitement creates sales!

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