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The questions we get at Blimpy are varied.  The following is a small list of the most frequently asked questions.  The most asked question:.

Q.   Is Blimpy hard to set up?

A.  The answer is probably not.  One or two people can set up a blimpy flying within just a few minutes.

Q.   How much Helium do the Blimps and Balloons require?

A. The item# 1200 takes just under one 244 cubic ft. tank.  The #1600 takes one full tank plus about 25% of a second tank.  The # 1209 takes about close to two tanks, and the # 1310 holds a little more than two tanks.

Q.   How are Blimps Printed?

A.  The Blimps Banners are one of the best features.  The side of each Blimpy is equipped with built in grommets.  Our attachable banners tie right to the grommets.  This gives you a flexibility of changing your message whenever you want.  If you order plain lettering, you Blimpy and banners can be shipped within days.  Logos take only a few days longer.

Q.   What is the best color?

A.  The best color for the Blimps is definitely Red.  The Red Blimp, with the White tail in the Blue sky is a hard color combo to beat.  Similarly, the How Air Balloon shape is at its best in Red, White, And blue Stars & Stripes.  Avoid the colors that are either All White or all blue.  on a overcast day a white Blimp against a white sky will leave you blimp absolutely invisible!

Q. We do Trade Shows.  Are your Blimpys Easy to Transport?

A.  Yes, all of our regular style Blimps come packed in a box that is only 14" x 14" x 8"- about the size of a very thick pizza.  This makes it easy to either carry by hand or even put in a suitcase.

Q. Where do we get Helium?

A.  Helium is available at any local welding supply.  Look up under either Welding Suppliers or Industrial Gases in your Yellow Pages.  They will come and deliver right to your site.

Q. How high should we fly Blimpy?

A.  Blimpy comes with 120 feet of anchor rope.  Most people fly our Blimpys between 80 and 120 feet high.

Q. Should We Buy Blimpy?

A. The impact of using a Blimpy is just overwhelming.  Study after study, Testimonial after Testimonial and Use after Use, Blimpy has proved that it is a league by itself.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  You can put Blimpy to work for you.  I was always taught that Nothing Happens in Business Until a Sale is Made.  Blimpy Makes Sales! Blimpy will out sell your #1 Sales Pro every time.  There are no Salesman that can match a Blimpy.  Put a Blimpy on your payroll!
The most important fact to remember when making the decision to buy a Blimpy, is that no other medium has instant results that you can see right away nor the long term impression coming from your customers remembering your association with the Blimp.  As the Advertising Age study says most people, almost 90%n can not even remember one ad they have seen in the previous month.  Companies that use blimps, get the benefit of nearly 6-% that not only remember Blimp, they can identify the name of the company that used it.  Blimy is a smart and inexpensive way to reinforce your advertising dollars.  Should you buy a Blimpy?  Of course you should buy a Blimpy. 

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